7 Makeup Facts You Didn’t Know

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Spring is finally here, which means that I spent most of the weekend spring cleaning. I got rid of tons of stuff and my closet is not only neater, but I now have a lot more space. I’m going to try my best to keep it this way… a proclamation I make every year. I was so proud that I even announced it to the world… in the form of a tweet of course.

Along with clearing out unnecessary articles from my closet, my spring cleaning extended to my bathroom – my makeup drawer to be exact. I’ve struggled to close it for the last few months and it now closes with ease… not to mention how neat and organized it is. I’m going to admit that I opened it a few times just to admire my work :)

I threw out 2 full grocery bags of makeup. JUST makeup. Clearly, I needed to clear it out a long time ago. A lot of it was overpriced makeup that I had for years. I wondered if makeup can really last 7 years (like some of the eye shadow I thew out) and discovered that it DOES NOT, along with a few other interesting facts:

1) Drugstore makeup is just as good

Drug store cosmetics are just as good

After years of getting ripped off at the high-end makeup counters and with my newly developed dedication to budgeting a few years ago, I decided to ditch the department stores and try drug store makeup. Other than the lack of guilt for paying so much for makeup, I didn’t notice much else of a difference.

In fact, when I stopped using my over-priced foundation and started using the one I bought from the drug store, I actually started breaking out less.

I’d rather spend money on good brushes

2) Makeup expires

Expired makeupIf you’re like me, you have makeup that’s 3 years old sitting in your bathroom. I purge a lot of things, but my makeup drawer wasn’t one of them. This weekend, I found eye shadow that I used to use 7 years ago.  Apparently, makeup has a shelf life as well – more reason not to spend too much on makeup.

You can extend your makeup’s shelf life by storing it in a cool area on tightly closed containers, but it will eventually expire. Cosmetics aren’t like milk with a clear best before date, here are some average expiration dates:

  • Mascara-  3- 6 months
  • Power eye shadow – 2 years
  • Nail Polish – 1 Year (I threw out nail polish that was over 5 years old)
  • Liquid foundation – 6 months

3) Cosmetics are organic too

Instead of being made from synthetic materials, organic makeup is said to be made from natural minerals like calcium, silica and magnesium. They don’t contain talc, fillers and preservatives – makes you wonder how quickly they expire. Although some cosmetics are advertised as natural, it’s hard to find cosmetics that are 100% natural.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who manage to find it them though, they are said to longer lasting, safe to sleep in and a natural protective from UVA and UVB rays.

4) Lipstick is not for everyone

Red lip gloss

For years, I’ve tried to find lipstick that works for me. I have a bag full of lipstick in way too many colors and brands. It wasn’t until I was  a bridesmaid and was getting my makeup done professionally when the artist casually stated “lipstick doesn’t suit you, let’s try gloss”. The thought never occurred to me. I thought lipstick was supposed to suit everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, lipstick doesn’t suit everyone. I learned this after years of buying different colors until it occurred to me, that lipstick  just doesn’t work for me. I started using lip gloss instead and

5) Foundation doesn’t go EVERYWHERE

Foundation is only meant for trouble areas on your face –  blemishes here and there, but not for every part of your face. You’re not alone, I’ve made this mistake for YEARS. I was worried that it would look strange, but if you’re using the right shade, it should blend in beautifully.

The hard part is finding the right shade. If you need more coverage, use concealer.

6) Mascara can cause serious damage

Mascara  - makeup factsMost of us take care of our hair, but ignore our lashes. Let’s admit it, we’ve all slept with our make up at one point in our lives. Sleeping with mascara on can cause your eyelashes to dry up and eventually break off. Crusty mascara can attract dirt and bacteria leading to eye infections or to the lash bed … gross.

Obviously sleeping mascara on isn’t good for your eyes. But there’s more… using an eyelash curler after you put mascara on can cause your eyelashes to break as well. It’s like combing your hair after you put hairspray on.

7) There is no such thing as wrinkle magic

Women spend over a billion dollars a year in anti-aging creams. Actually, expense anti-aging creams have little or no effect on wrinkles but they smell damn good and make you feel like you’re doing something about wrinkles. The same study found this …

“La Prairie Cellular with a price tag of $335, was one of the least effective products tested.”

That’s a lot of money for a placebo! Your skin is incredibly important. If you look carefully, it can tell you how healthy you are on the inside. Take care of it. The best thing you can do for your skin is use moisturizer (doesn’t have to be the expensive kind), drink lots of water, stay out of the sun and don’t smoke. The rest is up to your genes.

What are your makeup tips?

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