There are so many side hustle ideas for women whether they’re stay at home moms or women with full time jobs who want to make an extra buck on the side. My side hustle as a resume writer fell on my lap, but there are so many women who know they want to start a side business but just need ideas. So I’ve decided to highlight a few side hustle ideas for women to help you budding entrepreneurs get started!

This week, I’m highlighting Stella And Dot Stylist as a side hustle.

Stella and Dot Box

To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of Stella And Dot until a friend gave me a beautiful bracelet for my birthday in a box that said “hello gorgeous”. Stella And Dot  is a Forbes 500 fastest growing company and doesn’t have an actual physical location. All transactions are done from their Stylists. Their Stylists act as sales people who make a commission based on their sales.

What a Stella And Dot Stylist does

Promote and sell their accessories either through trunk shows or online. A few weeks after my gift, I was invited to a Stella and Dot trunk party by another friend who hosted in her 1 bedroom apartment with 10 of her girlfriends. She had different rings, earrings (I love these), bracelets to try on. And if we didn’t like any of those accessories, she also had a catalogue where we had more choices of not just jewellery, but other accessories like iPad and iPhone cases, wallets, bags, scarves, etc.

I walked away with 2 glasses of wine in my system and $35 worth of jewellery ordered. I typically don’t like events like this, but I love jewellery and loved that a lot of the jewellery was under $50, which is great for the budget-friendly life I’m trying to lead these day.

Stylists earn 25 – 30% in commission of what they sell. As you grow, you can build a team of other Stylists and earn 18% of their sales as well.

What you get at startup:

  • There is an initial fee of $199 and you get a starter kit  and you’ll get $350 worth of jewellery for your trunk shows. People are always more likely to buy products they can see and touch rather than just showing them a catalogue.
  • Training manuals and online training.
  • 24/7  support

Let’s talk numbers

If you’re like me, you want to cut to the chase and figure out if you can really make money from this. Some Stylists are said to make six-figures, but I don’t think this is common. The average Stylist will make between $300 – $800 in extra income hosting a few trunk shows a month. On average, Stella and Dot Stylist are paid about $75 – $90 an hour.

There’s no such thing as easy money, if you want to run a business, you have to hustle.

It’s not for everyone

Some people just won’t do well with something like this. If you don’t care much for jewellery and accessories, this is not the right side hustle for you.

If you treat it like a hobby, you won’t make much money from this. But if you treat it like a business meaning that you’re organized with your trunk shows, orders for your clients, find new ways of meeting people and expanding your network, follow up with your clients, etc., this is an excellent side business to have.

Networking is key for this type of side business. Your trunk shows can initially start out with your girlfriends, sisters, and other family members, but you’ll eventually have to expand your network. If you’re shy and don’t really like meeting new people, this is not going to work for you.

Suggestions for doing well as a Stella And Dot Stylist

1) Don’t forget the men

I’ve been to a few Stella and Dot trunk shows and 99% of the participants are women, but wouldn’t it be a great idea to include men? Perhaps even have a show just for men. Every man has women he loves in his life (wife, girlfriends, mother, sister, etc.), and if I can use the men in my life as an example, they hate shopping for them because they don’t know what to get and if they get something, aren’t sure if it’s ‘right’.

This is like the answer to their prayers; not only do most women like jewellery, but they have a Stylist who could guide them! If you don’t want to have a trunk show for men, you can help them one-on-one. Quick and easy for them. Just a thought :)

2) Market to your existing network

Again, treat it like a business. You can market to your existing Facebook and Twitter friends, just be careful not to overdo this. There’s a thin line between marketing and pestering.

3) Create relationships with your existing clients and they’ll come back

This is the general rule for any business, but in this case, creating a long-term relationship means that you are the go-to person. For example, I’ve only been to one of my friend’s trunk shows, but I’ve contact her 5 other times to order gifts for my friends. I even gave a few gifts to my awesome clients last holiday season.

Do you have a side hustle?

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