It’s Monday morning and you’re almost late for work. If you’re like me and most career woman, you’d rather  use those few extra few minutes before work to grab a very necessary cup of coffee than use them to apply your makeup. Sometimes you really do have to rush out with that natural look. But if you’re dropping makeup because you think it will take too long, don’t. You can apply your makeup in five minutes… and still have time to grab that cup of java.

Here’s a five-minute makeup routine that will make you’ll look fabulous without slaving over your makeup. Try it, it will take no more than 5- minutes. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Foundation

Remember when I told you that foundation doesn’t need go all over your face? That advice will come in handy here. Just apply it to the areas where you really need foundation (dark spots, etc.). This will also cut down on makeup time. Remember to blend it very well… use your fingers.

2. Concealer

Concealers come in stick, wand, or tube versions. Concealer sticks are quick and easy to apply. I usually apply them right under my eyes in a line and then blend using my fingertips. You may be in a rush, but remember not to rub. Rubbing is horrifc for your skin long term.

The skin under your eyes is very, very delicate. You should always use your ring and pinky finger on that delicate part of your face. Other others are a too rough. You may be in a rush, but good skin care is still important!

3. Eye Shadow

Use a very light color on your eyebrow bone (right below your eyebrows), this will make it pop out. Use a shimmery white eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes. It will brighten up your eye area and make you look more awake :) Use a color you’d like  on your eyelids. Dab that same shimmery white colour on the tips of your eyelids (that bump when you close your eyes).

4. Eye-liner

Eyeliner applicationApply eyeliner to the outer area corner of the eyes and use an uptick. I apply eyeliner to the base of my I find that pencil liner works best for me when I’m in a rush.

If I make a mistake with a pencil liner, it’s much easier to fix it than a liquid liner. you have to have a steady hand to use a liquid liner… something I don’t have when I’m in a rush.

5. Lash Curler

If you have a few extra seconds, use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. It will elongate your lashes. If don’t have time, just straight to mascara.

6. Mascara

Apply mascara side to side from the root – this leaves a slightly thicker black line at the root of the lashes and you may be able to get away without much liner on your eyelid. Apply only light strokes on the inside of your lashes and heavier strokes on the outer lashes. Applying  mascara up and sideways for outer lashes will make them look longer and thicker.

7. Blush

I don’t use blush often, but if I need some , I prefer powder blush rather than cream blush when I’m in a rush. It’s easier and quicker to apply. An easy blush trick is to smile and apply the brush to the areas of your cheek that stand out. Blend it upwards towards your hairline.

8. Lipgloss/Lipstick

I’m one of those women who just doesn’t look good with lipstick on (I’ve tried for years), so I use lipgloss, which is quicker and easier to apply. Even if you’re the type of women who look fabulous in lipstick, a little shine on your lips will make you look better. If you’re in a rush, forget the lipstick and go for a tinted lipgloss instead.

Done! See how quick that was?

Do you leave without makeup because you simply don’t have time?

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