I saw a lot of new faces at the gym this week. To be honest, I’m somewhat of a new-ish face myself since I’d averaged once a week most of last year. One of my goals this new year was to increase that to 3 times a week. So far, so good… but it’s only the first week of January.

I’m a sucker for starting fresh

In fact, I made the decision to start my business as a new year’s resolution a few years ago (and I actually stuck to that one). I’m one of those people who get excited about a new year and start making resolutions left, right and center… but like most resolution-happy people, I haven’t been great about sticking to most of them.

Every year, I continue to make resolutions anyway. And the cycle continues. Apparently, I’m not alone since 45% of people make new years resolutions but only 8% are successful. I hate being part of that 92%.

People who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to reach their goals

So I’m sticking to making resolutions for 2013. But just making them at the end of December won’t make them happen. This year, I’m going in with a game plan with these 5 strategies to stick to a new year resolutions.

1) Tell someone

I’d always been a write-it-down kind of person, but this year I’m sharing my resolution with people. Telling someone makes you more accountable. Who wants to admit that they’ve been slacking off on their goals? Nobody likes sharing bad news.

2) Set realistic and reachable goals

It’s great to be ambitious, but let’s get real! Setting unrealistic goals guarantees failure and once you start feeling like you’re failing, you give up on your goals.

3) Start NOW

Have you told yourself that you’ll ‘start eating right as soon as the holiday left overs are finished‘ or you’ll “start that new project on a next Monday instead of smack dab in the middle of the this week“?

Timing is huge! The year is just starting and it feels like you have a long stretch ahead of you, but the reality is that we overestimate time. Let’s say you want to lose 15 pounds before summer. It feels like you have all the time in the world, but the reality is that you blink and summer is here.  Before you know it, it will be the end of the year and you’ll find yourself tweeting things like:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/ForHerByHer/status/263292567020515328″]

4) Have mini goals along the way

Who doesn’t like positive reinforcement? Having weekly/monthly mini goals breaks down the steps you’ll need to take to get to your big goal. You’ll have a systematic approach to reaching your goal with small ones along the way AND you’ll feel more motivated when you’re continuously reaching small goals.

5) Be prepared for failure… nobody’s perfect!

So you messed up here and there. It happens. Knowing that you may fail at a mini-goal here and there means that you’re realistic and you’ll be able to bounce back and keep going rather than throwing in the towel and giving up.

 What are your resolutions for the year and how are you sticking to them?

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